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Senior Life is a lifestyle magazine containing helpful articles covering subjects relevant to the elderly and their loved ones. Designed by a compassionate team already experienced in the retirement sector, Senior Life was developed after a noticeable lack of concise advice available to the millions going through personal transitions into assisted living. By distributing a handbook full of questions and answers, we aim to clarify the process of moving into this new life phase. Senior Life does not only publish articles on practical topics, but also entertains and provides reassurance that despite being in a daunting new step of life, there is always support at hand.

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Trusted Services

Partnering with trusted services in the local area, the guide strengthens the community surrounding a resident, creating a network of useful contacts. By connecting families with assistance, a fast adjustment period becomes accessible at an often emotional time filled with change. Each recommendation is sourced from reputable local vendors and supported by advice concerning care issues such as downsizing possessions, finding a dentist who does home visits, or taking care of previous properties and inheritance. Each topic is discussed sensitively and knowledgeably and is complemented by a directory of local providers sourced from the geographical area.

Assisted Living

We work with one assisted living facility at a time, developing each guide alongside recommendations from the staff and residents. Information in each individual magazine is focused on the specific facility it is distributed to for clarity of voice and to summarize the services offered in and around the specific premises.

Designed to assist from the moment an individual is first beginning to seek assisted living accommodation and consider the home, we offer an exciting view of the lifestyle and offer features of in-depth accounts told from current resident perspectives. We hope to help inform decisions by showing in pictures and facts the details of each featured accommodation. Picking a new home can be intimidating, but a simple overview helps.

Once the decision is made our checklist of useful to-do’s aids in preparation with detailed information designed with each individual location in mind. Everything regarding embarking on a new assisted living lifestyle is laid out simply and elegantly for convenience. From moving day to thereafter, settling into the home is guided by our articles. Senior Life is an engaging source of local information that will be kept on hand as a daily companion.


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