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What are Senior Move Managers

There are lots of things to take into account when deciding to move into a retirement community. It’s a big decision that takes careful preparation of finances, belongings, and emotional inventory. Deciding when, where, how (and even if) to sell your home is one of the more difficult choices we as older adults, and caretakers of older adults, are faced with. If you have decided to sell your or your loved one’s home to make the transition into a retirement home, a senior move manager can make that move effortless.

What exactly is a senior move manager?
A senior move manager is a person who is placed in charge of your move. They help organize and plan executive decisions. Senior move managers are trained to tackle the specific problems that arise with selling a home in old age such as difficulties with physical tasks required for moving, the emotional stress that is placed on the elderly and family members, and the confusion brought on by the financial aspects of selling a home.

Who uses senior move manager?
Seniors are not the only people who can hire senior move managers. In fact, there are usually more than one person who can be affected by this type of move and may therefore benefit from hiring someone to aid the transition. Anyone can hire a senior move manager, such as actual seniors moving, family members, care providers (such as senior living communities and geriatric caretakers), attorneys, social workers, realtors, health providers, and trust officers.

What does a senior move manager do?
Senior move managers are like the conductor of an orchestra but, instead of directing music, they conduct the process of selling a home. The actual extent of their work varies, but generally senior move managers:

  • Develop a plan for the whole move
  • Organize belongings and aid in downsizing
  • Schedule and hold auctions, estate sales, and other ways to sell off items
  • Arrange storage for things not being taken to the new home
  • Research, interview, hire, and direct real estate agents and moving companies
  • Unpack and organize at the new home
  • Oversee and supervise work by others such as overnight packing
  • Use expertise to avoid financial exploitation during the moving process

Senior managers can do as much or as little as you need them to do. Prices are flexible depending on what needs to be done. But there is a senior manager out there for everyone.

Why take on a senior move manager?
Making a big move at a late stage in life can be difficult. These are professionals in this field who know proper prices for services and the most efficient way to organize and pack. Not only this, but they are usually trained in the psychological factors of this type of moving and can be a great source of comfort for older adults, especially if family members are not readily accessible to aid in moving. Mary Kay Buysse, M.S., Executive Director at the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), in an interview for A Place for Mom, said it best when she said, “They have all kinds of creative tools at their fingertips, things you or I would never even think of.”