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The Step By Step Process

1. Agreement – The residence (you) and Senior Life sign an agreement confirming we will partner on a magazine.

2. Your input –

  • Local friends – We collect a list of your current trusted suppliers. These businesses will be invited to place a feature in the magazine.
  • You’re the star – Using your best photos and discussing which aspects of the facilities you are most interested in promoting, we will create beautiful editorials that reflect the lifestyle you offer to your residents. We also confirm your branding preferences if supplied.
  • Editorial input (optional) – Which articles do you want to see in the magazine, and what would your potential guests like to see?

3. Local meetings – Our representative will arrange to see the businesses you suggested and others we sourced to sign agreements for their placements in the publication.

4. Nearly there! – We compile the content and designs.

5. Approvals – The magazine, from layout, to sponsors, to articles, can be viewed in hardcopy or online for approval purposes before any printing is started.

6. Arrival – Your magazine is ready for distribution, we hope you enjoy it.

Partners - FAQ

No cost to you. We will decide together on an amount of copies to be printed based on your location, size, and needs. In order to provide this service, we are allowing local sponsors to publish their services in the magazine.

Everything from the sponsors to the content is variable depending on your requests.

We can work independently or closely with you and your team depending on your preference. Our office is there to guide you for every aspect of this journey. Either leave it to our capable staff, or be heavily involved in each stage of production.

It takes approximately 12-14 weeks to receive your completed magazine.

Please contact us and see our ‘step by step process’ here.

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